Minutes of the Full Council Planning Meeting

held on Monday 9th September 2019

7.00pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Richard Draycott, Nigel Jacobs (Chair), John Maskell, Mark Brooks, Marc Frost and Andrew Bartram, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk) and two  members of the public.


There were apologies for absence received from Eric Benton (Vice Chair), James Carroll and Graeme Dinner, these were accepted.  There were no declarations of interest received for the meeting.


No public statements received.


a) 18/02075/FUL 166 Cotton End Rd - amended plans for conversion and extension of agricultural office/storage building to a dwelling house and formation of residential curtilage - the Council reviewed the application and have no objection to the application, however, there should be no assumption that the Parish Council would support conversion of other buildings within this boundary.

b) 19/01322/FUL 93 Whitworth Way – amended plans for existing hip roof to be removed, new block work gable ends to be erected to support new roof and conversion with dormer windows to the front and rear – the Council heard from the applicant, MB declared an interest in this application and took no part in the discussion.  Councillors felt it would be best to undertake a site visit to see the house in its setting as there were concerns the proposals would set a precedent and impact on the street scene.                    Action 9.01: All

Clerk to feedback comments promptly as decision expected imminently.     Action 9.02: Clerk

c) 19/00728/FUL 2A Howards Close - amended plans for create new 1.8m high fence and sliding gate across the drive and increase height of the existing picket fence to 2.2m high - the Parish Council have reviewed the application and wish to raise concern with the application which is not in keeping with the street scene or rural setting.  The fence does not need to be so high for the occupants to retain their privacy, and the construction material is commercial so is not suitable for a residential area.  The Parish Council would like to see the use of more sympathetic materials and a lower height.  

d) 19/01579/S73 35 Luton Road - variation of condition 6 regarding hedge and beech tree - the Parish Council have reviewed the application and feel the hedge along the frontage of Luton Road needs to be replaced with a more sympathetic hedge which will encourage wildlife and be more suitable for wildlife to flourish.  The proposed species of hedge of will not do this, which concerns the Council.  The Council also feel that from the proposals it is misleading as to the boundary of the plot, and that the Council are not aware that the applicant has a right of way over the land near the path.  The Parish Council wish to see a condition applied that prevents the loss of the lamp in Howard Close as this is not the applicant's property.  In addition, the Council would like to highlight that they would not wish for the waste bins of this property being placed onto Howards Close, they must be moved in and out, onto Luton Road.

e) 19/01683/FUL Ferndale 145 Cotton End Road – single storey side/rear extension to replace existing conservatory - the Parish Council have no objection as long as the existing and proposed wall heights are the same.    

f) 19/01710/FUL 159 Cotton End Road – single storey rear extension - the Parish Council have reviewed the application and have no objection, however, ask that the Officer is mindful of any concerns expressed by the neighbour who will potentially be impacted by the proposal.

g) 19/00509/FUL ground and first floor extensions including alterations to existing garaging to form 2 No. 1 bedroom dwellings with associated car and cycle parking at 2-8 Longmeadow Drive – the Parish Council reviewed the application and wish to highlight they remain concerned about the highways impact additional vehicles generated from this development will bring to the existing highways parking issues at this location and nearby on road locations.

h) 19/012119/MAO Outline application for the erection of up to 80 dwellings and internal road (including demolition of existing buildings on site at Land East of Luton Road, Wilstead – submission of amended plans - the Parish Council agreed to retain their objection to the principle of development at this site.  They would like to add that due to the emerging Local Plan 2030 document which has not earmarked or allocated any housing within the parish of Wisltead this significant factor needs to be taken into consideration, as it was for the recent planning application (19/01019/MAO) at August's Planning Committee meeting which was refused on those grounds.  Whilst the Parish Council recognise the inclusion of a buffer area proposed around the site, there are worries that this will cause overhanging and obtrusion into the amenity land of the nearby existing properties.  The Parish Council wish to also reiterate their previous objection and concerns.

The Clerk to submit planning application responses swiftly.     Action 9.03: Clerk


19/01645/CWS - 99/00980/FUL S106 Compliance Check for Land At Luton Road, Decided - Response Sent by local authority.  NJ notified Council he had made contact with the applicant and awaiting response.     Action 9.04: NJ

19/01470/LDP Single storey rear extension 3 Reid Court Wilstead -Decided Certificate Issued

19/01019/MAO ing affordable, self-build and build for rent) with all matters reserved except access Land Rear Of 25 To 39 Howard Close – Refused     The Clerk to circulate the decision notice.     Action 9.05: Clerk

i) Local Plan 2030 modifications consultation response

The Parish Council have received the consultation with the listed modifications and it was agreed a response to be submitted reiterating that Wilstead is not a Key Rural Service Centre and must be reclassified as a Rural Service Centre.  Given it has similarity with Oakley which is located in close proximity to Clapham and Bromham.     Action 9.06: Clerk


Action 7.04: NJ To follow up resident enquiry regarding Dragons Wood boundary. The boundary fence appears to be in the correct place, the resident has been notified.

     Action 7.04: Complete

Action 7.05: Clerk To arrange a meeting in September with developers who have a site in the parish they are taking forward with a planning application. Meeting 11th September.

     Action 7.05: Complete

Action 7.29: EB/Clerk To pay on receipt of appropriate audit trail evidencing the approval and need for £384 expenditure being incurred by the Neighbourhood Plan group that this cost be paid from the grant held by the Parish Council     Action 7.29: Complete

Between meetings the Borough Council had communicated a recent change in planning precedent which impacted on a recent decision in the parish.  Councillors had a number of questions relating to this, and the Clerk to arrange a meeting with GC and a Senior Borough Officer so the impact of this could be better understood.     Action 9.07: Clerk

The Chair closed the Planning full Council meeting at 8.20pm.


Minutes of the Full Council Meeting

held on Monday 9th September  2019 in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Richard Draycott, Nigel Jacobs (Chair), John Maskell, Mark Brooks, Marc Frost and Andrew Bartram, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk) and no members of the public.


There were apologies for absence received from Eric Benton (Vice Chair), James Carroll and Graeme Dinner,  these were accepted.  There were no declarations of interest received for the meeting.

2.     OPEN FORUM:

No public statements received.



No report received so no update on actions.

Action 2.05: GC To clarify with the local authority the chain of communications during such an incident and who tells Cadent there is an emergency plan in place in the parish Response received and circulated. It remains unclear as to how the existence of an Emergency Plan is publicised. GC to pursue again.     Action 2.05: Ongoing

Action 6.07: GC To Copy the Clerk in and request the Borough Council speed enforcement vehicle data  No feedback to date          Action 6.07: Ongoing

Action 7.03: GC To request that Parish Council responses to planning applications are always placed under the Consultee Comments tab on the Borough website.       Action 7.03: GC

Action 7.10: GC To follow up as a priority the intercepting of HGVs with Jon Shortland to ensure they do not access the village during the A6 diversion.     Action 7.10: GC


Awaiting feedback from Police for request of average speed camera data, parking enforcement and HGV restriction enforcement following A6 meeting in August.  GD booked to attend the Police Priority meeting on 18th September.


Action 5.14: AB To discuss with contractor following site visit to look at the water logged spinner area. Communications remain ongoing. Agreement reached with Playdale who will be coming to site w/c 16th September to effect the repair.     Action 5.14: Ongoing

Action 7.10: MB/AB/Clerk To assist the resolution of Action 5.14 and seek guidance on the Council's position, MB to collate a summary of the position which will then be sent to Bedfordshire Association of Town and Parish Councils.  Action superseded and to be deleted.  

Action 7.10: Delete

Action 6.10: PWG To liaise with the grass contractor to arrange for the weed killing to be carried out on the safety surface.     Action 6.10: Ongoing

Action 6.11: PWG To proceed with a site visit by prospective contractors EcoSurface and Abacus Playgrounds to prepare more detailed quotations for the new safety surface, to ensure appropriate fall height / area by the Wicksteed metal climber, and check  compliance with appropriate legislation.      Quote received from Abacus and awaiting quote from Ecosurface before presenting to full Council.     Action 6.11: Ongoing

Action 9.15: AB Tarmac footpath from Pre-School to Dragons Wood culvert AB was thanked for all the work associated with this, positive feedback received.  Action 9.15 (18):  Complete


Action 11.11: EWG To ask Borough Officers Daryl Hall/Iain Booth if the Parish Council concrete street lights would be adopted by the local authority.       Action 11.11: Ongoing

Action 6.31: MF To confirm the location of the CCTV lamp post to enable the visibility to be sufficient License of apparatus being pursued.      Action 6.31: Ongoing

Action 7.06: Clerk To publicise the confirmed public meetings regarding the A6 resurfacing confirmed for August 21st and September 18th in the Village Hall      Action 7.06: Complete

Action 7.07: MB To set up a specific Parish Council email address for A6 issues so that residents who contact the Borough can copy the Parish Council in to any such correspondence so that the PC can ensure these are addressed.     Action 7.07: Complete

Action 7.08: EB To be the main point of contact and liaison with the local authority on behalf of the Parish Council.       Action 7.08: Complete

Concerns from residents and Councillors continue to be fed back to the local authority and communications remain ongoing during the A6 diversion.

Action 7.11: Clerk To respond to resident communication on the Council's agreement to not support the extension of yellow lines in Cotton End Road      Action 7.11: Complete

Action 7.12: RD/Clerk To prepare a letter following the damage to the bench at the Crossroads, so four payments to be made by the individual responsible Payment received so action superseded.          Action 7.12: Delete

Individual has requested receipts which will be issued by the Clerk accordingly.

Action 9.08: Clerk

Action 7.13: EB To order a replacement bench for the Crossroads.     Action 7.13: Complete

Action 7.14: Clerk To ensure bench purchase and contractor to be paid between meetings on satisfactory completion of work.     Action 7.14: Complete

Action 7.15: Clerk To respond to resident who had raised concern over hedgerow by Reid Court onto Luton Road     Action 7.15: Complete

Action 7.16: NJ To contact successful contractor to undertake the structural testing of Parish Council street lights Testing carried out, report received and invoice submitted for payment

Action 7.16: Complete

It was agreed that the street lighting structural testing report to be sent to the local authority.

Action 9.09: NJ

It was agreed that more information to be received regarding the ongoing management and associated costs of a vehicle activated sign, prior to the Council deciding on whether to progress with purchasing.     Action 9.10: Clerk

A letter received from the Borough of Bedford Local Access Forum regarding promotion of the Forum, to be advertised in Homewatch and on social media.     Action 9.11: MB/Clerk

The Clerk to feedback to the Forum what promotion had been done in Wilstead.

Action 9.12: Clerk


Action 10.11A (17) NJ To ascertain whether Persimmon will agree to the staggered release of the Section 106 monies.  Now that the Section 106 amount has been provided by the Borough Council discussions with Persimmon will be started again.        Action 10.11A (17) Ongoing

Action 7.13 (18): Clerk To send a letter to the Post Office encouraging them to park their vehicles backed up to the hedge once boundary measures are in place to protect the Village Car Park wall.  This is on hold under the measures could be secured. Action 7.13(18): On Hold

Action 2.16: Clerk To source quotation for the works to the Village Car Park, more than one quotation for the work would be required, MB asked not to be included.  Quote received, being considered, then an application to be made to the Community Chest fund.  The Working Group to make a recommendation after reviewing the quote from Pelham Chambers.

Action 2.16: Ongoing

Action 4.10 (18): F & GP WG To sign the Jubilee Centre lease given the length of time that has now passed and the lack of response from the solicitors and to be registered with the Land Registry.  For several months now priority has been given to other Parish Council work. This delay to the signing of the lease isn't currently affecting the Jubilee Centre Management Committee but the lease will have to be amended, signed and registered

Action 4.10 (18): Ongoing

Action 10.09: F & GP WG To sign the woodland transfer documents Bedford Borough and Gallagher (now L&G Estates) have again been contacted re the provision of the land transfer documents. The Borough subsequently again chased but there has been no response to date.                                                                                        Action 10.09: Ongoing

Action 3.08: Clerk To receive feedback from the meeting with Claire Pick to enable the Parish Council to pursue the transfer of this land off Bedford Road with Bedford Borough.  Officer feedback now received, circulated to WG for consideration.           ction 3.08: Complete

Action 5.02: All To fill the vacancy for the Village Hall Management Committee Parish Council representative The vacancy has yet to be filled     Action 5.02: Ongoing

Action 6.27: Clerk To use Outlook 365 new Council email address going forwards to enable the transfer over of this as it needs to become the main Clerk communication address.  On hold.

Action 6.27: Ongoing

Action 6.28: MF To investigate Parish Council websites and bring ideas to a future meeting.

Action 6.28: Complete

Action 7.17: F&GP WG To meet with the individuals who have made an expressions of interest for the two Councillor vacancies.      Action 7.17: Complete

Action 7.19: Clerk/MB/MF To commence uploading of Parish Council documents to the PC website as and when they are reviewed Standing Orders to be uploaded and when agreed the Burial Ground rules.     Action 7.19: Ongoing

Action 7.20: EB / MF To review banking arrangements including dual authorisation of electronic payments to next meeting.      Action 7.20: EB / MF

Action 7.21: Clerk To authorise the play area safety fencing hire costs between meetings. This was estimated to be around £60.          Action 7.21: Complete

Action 7.23: Clerk To contact the local authority to ask them to recall £22,250 from the Parish Council bank account. Local authority recall of funds has failed, cheque to be issued at meeting, local authority have confirmed they will not make September precept payment

Action 7.23: Complete

Action 7.24: Clerk To submit VAT refund request to HMRC.       Action 7.24: Ongoing

Action 7.25: Clerk To prepare a working document ahead of the next meeting

Action 7.25: Complete

Action 7.26: Clerk To input updates into working document a week prior to the meeting.

Action 7.26: Complete

Action 7.27: All To input updates into the working document on the Wednesday to Friday prior to a meeting.          Action 7.27: All

Action 7.28: Clerk To prepare the correspondence and information received list to be inserted into the meeting minutes and show how local authority and resident communications have been dealt with between meetings.      Action 7.28: Complete

Action 7.29: Clerk To review the day of the week on which the Parish Office is open and the Clerk is present. Parish Office hours will be Monday 9am to midday going forwards.

Action 7.29: Complete

Action 7.30: Clerk To request in advance proposed site plans for developer wishing to meet with the Council, so all Councillors can provide questions in advance of such a meeting.

Action 7.30: Complete

It was agreed that the Officer feedback regarding land off Bedford Road to be circulated to Councillors, to enable agreement in principle to continue to pursue possible adoption of this land.     Action 9.13: Clerk

It was recommended by the WG to co-opt Bernard Crease to the Parish Council, it was unanimously agreed and resolved that Bernard Crease to be co-opted to the Council.  The Clerk to issue BC with the relevant paperwork.          Action 9.14: Clerk

MB to issue BC with a Councillor email address.     Action 9.15: MB

MF had circulated some website options to all Councillors, it was agreed that MF to explore the different cost options.     Action 9.16: MF

The Clerk to link MF with those working on the Project Involve alternative options for Parish Councils.     Action 9.17: Clerk

Following the successful payment of some recent invoices with the use of electronic banking using dual authorisation, it was agreed that the WG would pursue options to enable the Parish Council to move to fully electronic payments.     Action 9.18: F&GP WG

The supporting Working Group report was approved for publication


Action 6.15: EB / All To review the Burial Ground rules.      Action 6.15: Complete

Action 6.17: EB To arrange for disposal of some material from the allotments which may contain asbestos The materials were removed by specialist company, payment arranged between meetings.     Action 6.17: Complete

Action 6.18: EB To obtain and circulate a copy of the Football Club premise license application.       Action 6.18: Ongoing

Action 6.19: EB To obtain quotes for the tarmac cracking and pot holes, around the Jubilee Centre.     Action 6.19: Ongoing

Action 6.20: Clerk To make contact again with the shops at The Crossroads, and to write regarding the large pot hole.  Letter drafted, local authority advice sought, awaiting feedback before sending letter, no feedback from Borough Council.      Action 6.20: Ongoing

Action 6.23: EB To review overgrown vegetation at Pollards Close This had been done and the findings are to be discussed with the resident.      Action 6.23: Ongoing

Action 7.22: EB/Clerk To issue tenant rent letters.      Action 7.22: Complete

It was unanimously agreed to approve the revised Burial Ground rules, resolution passed.

The Parish Council decided not to pursue bird nesting boxes to be placed in the Churchyard by resident.      Action 9.19: Clerk

The supporting Working Group report was approved for publication.


(i)Payment of accounts:

Payee                              Service                                             Amount

Barnicoat Ltd Clerking service July          £887.37

Barnicoat Ltd Clerking service August          £887.37

Harton Engineering New path by pre school              £4,363.37

A R Worboys Ltd Grass cutting S11127           £593.28

A R Worboys Ltd Grass cutting S11148           £593.28

Wilstead Village Hall NP meeting hire           £108.10

S Chapman NP consultant           £885.00

Bedford Borough Council Parish precept overpayment return      £22,250.00

Electrical Testing Ltd Structural testing           £836.40

Anglian Water Water charges cheque reissuing     £789.94

Eon Uk Ltd Street lighting energy          £127.21

Payments made out of meeting

Mark Brooks  - Crossroads bench installation - £224.40

Eric Benton - Reimbursement of NP cost for using survey monkey  - £384.00

Eric Benton - -Reimbursement allotment trophy engraving - £18.00

Jackson Environmental - Removal asbestos at allotments  - £528.00

Eric Benton  - Reimbursement of order with Memorial Benches  - £429.50

Plus Net  - Telephone and broadband  - £28.52

Plus Net  - Telephone and broadband  - £28.20

The Council resolved to make the above payments at the meeting and confirmed they had previously authorised the payments that would need to made out of the meeting.  MB and EB declared an interest in the above and took no part in the approval.

(ii) External audit feedback

WG have been copied into communication from external auditor and awaiting final report.  Clerk asked to forward Practitioners 2018 Guide to F&GP WG.     Action 9.19: Clerk

(iii) Financial spreadsheet 2019/20

The August reconciliation had been circulated.


It was unanimously agreed that the July meeting minutes be signed as a true and accurate record by the Chair.  It was noted that the Working Group reports should be read alongside meeting minutes as they will contain more detailed information on items that have been considered and feedback on actions.  All matters arising had been covered.

Action 7.09: To publish out of hour emergency information for the community in next Homewatch      Action 7.09: Complete


NALC Events Bulletin emails

Age Partnership email promoting services

BBC Planning weekly list email

Homewatch newsletter copy

Online playgrounds promotional information

BBC letter acknowledging receipt of planning comments

BRCC e-bulletin newsletter

CPRE update emails

Bank statements

Crime statistics

ERTA Voluntary Transport email

Beds Police newsletter

BATPC Training Courses communications

BBC Weekly Licensing list

External audit communications

Village Hall bookings communications regarding future PC dates

Beds and MK Waterway magazine

CPRE Fieldwork magazine

Project Involve, BBC and BATPC communications regarding the changes to the website hosting going forwards

Parish Council insurance provider promotional information

Howard Close application going to Planning Committee notification and refusal

BBC Over 70s exercise programme

Beds Police annual conference invite

BATPC AGM information

BBC proposed modification consultation for the Local Plan 2030 document

BBC consultation poster for Local Plan 2030

EB apologies for September meeting

Resident copied Council into communications with local authority regarding A6 diversion

Resident copied Council into communications with local authority regarding A6 diversion

Resident thanking Council for efforts with A6 diversion

Resident copied into concern regarding willow tree blocking view onto Luton Road reported to local authority

BBC notification of Cotton End neighbourhood area being designated

Resident copied Council into communications with local authority regarding A6 diversion

Copied into communications regarding Orbit Spinner repair

Resident seeking advice regarding alleged planning breach in the parish- responded to and directed them to planning enforcement webpage of local authority

Resident copied Council into communications with local authority regarding A6 diversion

Resident concern regarding tree on Luton Road – responded to and confirmed it was a local authority issue and for it to be reported to local authority

Resident report of dog in at Vicarage Lane needing to be repaired - dealt with and MB thanked for repairing

Communications with the Police following A6 diversion highway meeting held in August

BBC Officer communications regarding CCTV license of apparatus request

Resident copied Council into communications with local authority regarding A6 diversion

Resident request for permission to place notice on notice boards - responded to

BBC agenda for Standards Committee meeting

Copied into communications regarding community woodland

Wilstead Allotment Society notification Ward Fund application approved

BBC Officer communications regarding Rural Grant application for new path

BBC Public Protection Order Dog Control Order extension

BBC Officer communication regarding proposed Salvation Army charity clothing bank – Borough have raised concerns regarding resulting fly tipping and asked for more information

Memorial bench payment communications

Healthcare meeting communications copied into

BBC communications regarding orange sacks – update placed in Homewatch article

Communication regarding MUGA Jubilee Centre netball hoop

Wilstead Bowls Club rent cheque received

Wilstead Bowls Club water meter reading received

Resident concern over temporary traffic lights at Luton Road reported to local authority during road closure

Circulation of slides from BBC Presentation of Code of Conduct Training for Parish Councillors held on the 23rd July 2019

BBC Emergency Road Closure Armstrong Close

BBC Officer landscape enhancement area feedback for land off Bedford Road

BBC Officer Village Farm planning application update copied into

Resident with concern about hedge cutting at Longmeadow Drive (forwarded to Persimmon who responded to confirm added into work programme) and requesting to put bird nesting boxes into Churchyard

Allotment tenant various communications

Burial ground and associated communications

Police annual survey – shared locally

NALC Model Financial Regulations

BBC Officer confirmation of agreement to request time extension for PC to submit comments to planning application

Resident concern over not being aware of A6 highways meeting with contractor in July at Village Hall – responded to

Resident reported dog waste bin at Longmeadow Drive that needs attention – forwarded to Persimmon and updated resident, Persimmon replaced bin, resident sent thanks

Resident concern over a tree in churchyard – forwarded to WG

Jubilee Centre January PC meeting booking communications

BBC Officer confirmation EB registered to speak at Planning Committee in objection to Howard Close application

Resident concerns over noise abatement by A6 not being effective – responded to and altered Persimmon to the communication BBC asked to consider should there be any funds remaining after A6 works completed.

Copied into Persimmon commuted sum communications with Borough Council CIL Officers

Neighbourhood Plan promotional information – forwarded to NP group

Parish Council article submitted to Homewatch

External auditor communications regarding audit clarity being sought

Resident communications regarding Parish Council feedback to request for parking restriction extension along Cotton End Road – responded to

Vehicle Activated Sign quotations sought

Resident communication regarding how best to obtain orange recycling bags if they are unable to come to the Parish Office – responded to

Borough of Bedford Local Access Forum letter

BBC Standards Committee minutes for 30th July

Neighbourhood Plan open day copied into plans for the event

Resident concerns regarding the boundary fence at Dragons Wood – responded to

Anglian Water notification of works in the parish

Police priority setting meeting information

Confirmation of meeting with developer on 11th September

BBC Officer communications regarding the A6 diversion and follow up of actions after August meeting

Concern raised regarding Whitworth Way car park hedge being overgrown – contractor alerted and work carried out before school returns

BATPC Policy Consultation E-Briefing 09/19 - Independent Review Into Local Government Audit

BBC communications regarding parish precept overpayment

BBC Officer communication regarding permitted development recent law precedent and affect on recent Ivy Lane application

BRCC AGM meeting invite

Financial assistance application received from Wilstead Players, MF to circulate to enable consideration at next meeting.     Action 9.21: MF/Clerk


Matters as arisen and NALC Model Financial Regulations


The Chair closed the meeting at 9.45pm.