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All Saints, Wilstead, Past and Present

14th century     The Church was built

15th century     Tomb – with brass cover

1518     A bell donated to the tower peal

1598     The Tompson Memorial

1707     Four bells in the Tower, the tenor bell reported as cracked

1734     The porch was repaired

1742     The tower fell down

1761     A royal coat of arms painted in church

1765     The Ten Commandments painted at the east end

1783     A bell was re-cast

1826     The small bell was re-cast and a new font basin ordered

1827      The west end was described as being very dilapidated

1846-7     Church was repaired and re-decorated

1850     The church was surveyed prior to the re-building of the new stone tower

1850     The tower was completed and dedicated on 1st November – cost £730.

      Also the old vicarage was enlarged

1872-3     Chancel and porch rebuilt.  Organ chamber (now vesting area) built.

     Money donated by Lord Thynne and William Layton Lownes of

     Church Farm          

1873     The Organ installed into the new chamber

1895     Wooden kneelers made

1891     New oil lamps installed

1895     The funeral cart made

1898     The clock installed for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

1899     The east end of the church underpinned

1908     Chancel and south aisle repaired

1920     The memorial window for WWI in place

1926-7     The Coley windows installed – north side

1930     The Coley windows installed – south side

1953     New altar rails and pulpit panels fitted

1965     Repairs to church – organ moved to its present site

1975     The Chapter House built – known as The Thyne Room.

     Dedicated All Saints Eve

1980     St Paul's, Littleworth cleared

1985     The Gambriel window (south side) dedicated

1990     Cox window panel (south side) installed

1992     June – church redecorated

1993     Parish Burial Ground consecrated

1994     The Church was re-carpeted.  Also purchase of green, purple and

     red altar frontals and vestments

2000     Nave floor renewed

2001     White altar frontal/vestments dedicated

2002     Kneeler project began

2003     Improvements to the organ


Times of Services

Church services are at 8 am and 11 am every Sunday. On the first Sunday of the month, the 11 am service is a family service.

There is a Sunday school held at 11 am.  There are weddings and baptisms by arrangement.