Friday 21st August

Village P3 Footpath Group


The plan is to walk on the evening of Friday 21st August.  Please keep an eye on the village noticeboards and the Newsletter for updates on this.

Monday 7th September

Wilshamstead Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting

Wilstead Village Hall Monday 7th September

Members Of The Public Welcome To Attend

The September Parish Council meeting will be a physical meeting now the Village Hall has reopened.  The meeting will be held in the Main Hall to ensure social distancing, and members of the public are welcome to attend.  The Council meeting will start on Monday 7th September at 7pm, comprehensive planning is taking place for this meeting, if you plan to attend it would be helpful for the Council to know in advance if possible.

Tuesday 15th September

Garden Club

We are delighted that restrictions will allow us to resume our very social meetings but, unfortunately restrictions do mean changes.

Until everything returns to normal, we cannot meet in the small hall. We will therefore be holding meetings on the third Tuesday of each month commencing Tuesday 15th September at 2.30pm in the Village Hall. Further information about the meeting will be given in the September newsletter to reflect the prevailing restrictions.

Saturday 19th September

Village P3 Footpath Group


The next meeting is planned for Saturday 19th September. Hopefully it will be in the large hall of the Village Hall starting at 10.00am. Details will be confirmed in the September Newsletter.

Monday 21st September

Wilstead Village Hall Management Committee

Annual General Meeting

Monday 21st September @ 7.30pm in Main Hall

The position of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer should be nominated at least 10 days prior to the meeting to the Chairperson or Secretary.

Chairperson - Paul Buckley


Secretary – Angela Fosbrook


Please come along and support your local facility and consider becoming a Committee Member, especially a Treasurer. New members are needed with new ideas about how to keep the Hall running.

Sunday 27th September

Village P3 Footpath Group


There will be a walk on the afternoon of Sunday 27th September.  Please keep an eye on the village noticeboards and the Newsletter for updates on this.

Village Diary - updated 13th August 2020

If you wish to add your event to this diary, please email us at - thank you.