Monday 12th October

Wilshamstead Parish Council

In light of the ever-changing government guidance, it is not possible to indicate whether the October and any subsequent Parish Council meetings will be held face to face in the Village Hall, or have to be held remotely.  The Parish Council are committed to safeguarding all attendees so please do contact the Clerk in advance of the Parish Council to seek clarity on how the meeting will run.  The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Monday 12th October at 7pm.  

Tuesday 20th October

Garden Club

As we look forward to the future we will probably be staying local. We are therefore delighted to have a speaker to tell us about the opportunities to explore the village and further afield using the footpaths. Did you know there is a band of volunteers who make sure these are cleared, bridges and stiles kept repaired and otherwise made safe for us to use?? Did you know you can walk to Elstow, Cotton End, Houghton Conquest and Haynes without using roads. You didn't?

Come and find out on Tuesday 20th October at 2.30pm, in the large village hall,  cost £1.50 (please bring correct money).  Covid safe rules apply.

Village Diary - updated 12th October 2020

If you wish to add your event to this diary, please email us at - thank you.