I hereby give you notice that the meeting of


7.00 pm on MONDAY 21st JULY 2020

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend a virtual meeting for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted as set out hereunder.  Members of the public are invited to speak during the Open Forum item.


Signed:  L. Barnicoat,     Clerk to the Council

To access the online meeting visit the Parish Council website at:

where you will find a link for you to request access.


1)      Chair Welcome and Apologies for absence to be received

2)      Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interest for the meeting

3)      Open Forum – members of the public invited to speak

4)      Planning Working Group recommendations for consideration

a)     20/00008/REF appeal for permission in principle for residential development for

     up to 2 dwellings at Land Adj 140 Cotton End Road Wilstead

b)     Bedford Borough Council Draft Housing Strategy 2021-2026 consultation

c)     Local Plan new development framework strategy consultation

5)     5) Allotment rent to be agreed for September 2021

6)     Play area inspection and associated risk assessment to be agreed

7)     Bedford Borough Special Area Charges review response to be agreed

8)     Finance matters to include:

a)     To review and confirm any quotations received to include street lighting energy review

b)     Invoices to be paid

c)     Year end accounts update

9)     Correspondence and Information Received to include summary of items not covered

     on agenda, for information only

10)     To agree the minutes of last Council meeting 22nd June

11)     Close of Meeting and to agree format of future meetings


Please be mindful of others, and give everyone the chance to adapt to the new system during online Parish Council meetings.

The Chair will commence with a welcome and will give a reminder on how the meeting will run.  The Council has also produced these guidelines to support a smoothly run online meeting.

It is important for everyone to retain the same standards of behaviour and conduct during any discussions in this remote setting, just as we do in face to face meetings.  Please be respectful and compassionate towards one another.

A reminder that please can all attendees, kindly have access to a microphone and have the function switched on.  This will enable all attendees to hear one another.  Please be mindful that during the meeting, background noise will be distracting to others and will impact on the effectiveness of the meeting, so please make sure there is no background noise or distraction while the meeting is taking place.

If you have access to a camera it would also be helpful if this function could be turned on.  The Clerk will need to record the number of attendees for the meeting minutes.  By having the video function switched on it will help the Clerk identify the full number of attendees.  Some attendees will also find it helpful to see one another.

If the chat function is used during the meeting, all attendees are asked to make sure it is done in a distracting or off putting manner.

The Chair will lead the meeting, and during appropriate agenda items will invite input from others in attendance.  It is kindly asked that when an attendee wishes to speak that they take care to avoid people talking over one another.  Please when you speak  state your name, so it is clear who is speaking, as it cannot be assumed that others in attendance at the meeting will know you.

The Parish Council does, where possible, allow members of the public to engage during a full Council meeting, outside of the Open Forum agenda item.  We hope to continue with this approach during remote meetings, but we ask please that members of the public be courteous, they state their name when doing so and please do not talk across others.  If this becomes unmanageable during the course of the full Council meeting, this opportunity may not be a practical way forward.

All Councillors have been reminded that even during a remote meeting all usual rules still apply with regards to the Councillors' Code of Conduct and declarations of interest.  Appropriate opportunities will be given for interests in agenda items to be declared.

When Councillors vote on an item, it is felt that the best approach for this will be for all Councillors in attendance to indicate their agreement by stating their name and vote.  Following a vote, the Chair will then confirm the outcome so that it is clear and unambiguous, and the resolution can be unmistakably recorded in the meeting minutes.

If a Councillor has a declaration of interest, which would usually require them to leave the meeting, or if it could be considered there would be negative public perception if they remain, then the necessary agenda item will be dealt with at the end of the meeting, so that they can leave for the discussion to take place without them.

The Parish Council minutes will be prepared as usual following this meeting.  There will continue to be an agenda item to record the Council's decision on accepting the meeting minutes as a true and accurate record.  The Chair will then sign these retrospectively at the next face-to-face meeting.

Wilshamstead Parish Council