The Parish Council manages a Parish Burial Ground adjacent to the churchyard. Full details of the fees and conditions for the burial ground are available from the Parish clerk, but in brief are as follows:

Residents of the parish of Wilstead have a right to be buried in the Burial Ground. Former residents must have lived in the parish for more than five years and moved out within five years of the date of death.

Burial of non-residents is allowed.

Plots may be bought for 100 years; reserved plots will be reallocated after 50 years unless the Parish Council is advised that it is still required.

No trees or bushes may be planted on the plot. Spring bulbs and small annual flowers may be planted within 300mm of the headstone.

Artificial flowers, toys or other ornaments are not allowed on the plot.

Only head stones are allowed on burial plots. Kerbing, fencing, edging, chippings and other ornaments are not permitted. A flower holder may be included in the base stone of the headstone, but no other ornament can be built-in.

A flat stone incorporating a flower vase can be placed over a small plot containing cremated remains, or small headstones can be erected over a larger plot.

Much of the churchyard is closed to new interments, but those wishing to purchasing remaining plots or inter cremated remains should contact the vicar, Rev. Stephen Toze.

Contacts: Parish Clerk, 743152 or e-mail office@wilsteadparishcouncil.org

Vicar: 740423