Wilstead Village Hall

Additional Conditions of Hire following Government advice to restrict the spread of Covid-19 Virus.

WVH Management Committee are taking steps to minimise the risks to all who enter the Hall.

It is important to note that hirers also have responsibilities for preparing their own risk assessment and you must also comply with the following conditions in addition to any that you consider necessary for your own activity.

The time allowed to set up and for clearing away for your activity will be increased by 15 minutes to 45 minutes before and after your allotted time without additional charge to enable you to properly prepare before and clean up at the end of your session. We will not allow more than one hiring in the Village Hall except in exceptional circumstances, for which you will be notified in advance.

Should the Hall need to be closed due to Covid-19 you will be informed asap and not charged for unused bookings.

Government guidance now states that all people entering the Hall must wear Face Masks throughout the session, except for those people who are exempt. Face masks may be removed when taking exercise, eating or drinking, when people should be seated. Please inform your users/clients to do so.

Setting up

The Caretaker will open the Hall 45 mins before your booked time.  You should check that the Hall is left in an appropriate state by previous hirers. If you have any concerns raise them with the caretaker immediately. Disinfectant sprays and disposable cloths are provided in each area although if you prefer you may bring your own. Wipe over any surfaces and tables you propose using. The kitchen is available for tea and coffee, and biscuits/cake. Serving of food is restricted to table service or individual wrapped portions.  If you intend using any of the crockery, plates, cutlery provided by the Hall, these must be washed first and washed and replaced after use.  Kettles and other appliances should be wiped down before and after use. Please remember to bring your tea-towel and rubbish bag for non Covid-19 waste as usual.

Using and cleaning your own equipment, even that stored at the Hall, is your responsibility.

If you require the window curtains and blinds drawn or opened, please ask the caretaker who will do this.

Opening the windows and outside doors is encouraged for free-flowing of air to aid less chance of contamination.


If you are looking to maintain the 2m social distance then a maximum of 35 persons in the Main Hall is appropriate. This may be reduced in Government advice to 1m plus when more persons can be accommodated but you should consider the special needs of persons in your group.

In the Small Hall the maximum at 2m is 10 persons.

In the kitchen not more than 3 people is advised.


A record must be kept by you of all persons entering the Hall for Track and Trace purposes. This record must be kept for 21 days. No one with symptoms of any kind should be allowed to enter.  If any person feels unwell after entering the Hall, find an isolated part of the Hall and phone NHS Direct and follow their instructions.   You must notify the Caretaker immediately.

All persons entering the premises must use the hand sanitisers found in the front foyer and kitchen.

Using the premises

It is your responsibility to manage your event, prepare your own risk assessment and share new procedures with your group.  Please give consideration to: -

Encourage the use of tissues to trap coughs and sneezes.  “Catch It, Bin It, Kill It,” Additional bins with bin liners have been placed in the Hall for this purpose.

Encourage the use of the hand sanitisers, soap and water for frequent hand washing.  Paper towels are provided. The hand dryers are turned off.

When using the main hall, if your users are arriving and leaving at different times, arrange a one-way system of perhaps entering via the front door and exiting via one of the main hall outside doors, which should be open anyway for ventilation.

Avoid crowding in the entrance lobby, kitchen, toilets and car park. Encourage people to use the toilets one at a time.

Have regard to any special needs, persons over 70, vulnerable persons or persons requiring close contact as part of their activity.

Before leaving

Ensure the Hall is clean and tidy. A large brush, dustpan and small brush is at this present time stored in the main hall. If further cleaning equipment is needed, only one person should access the cleaning cupboard at the back of the hall and clean anything touched.

The caretaker will provide you with a black refuse sack for Covid-19 related rubbish. Collect all the small bin liners with all rubbish, especially those including used tissues and disposable cloths, and place these in the black sack and tie it securely. The caretaker will remove the black sack.

Wipe down any touched surfaces (do not spray directly onto light switches and electrical equipment) and equipment used, including cleaning equipment. The caretaker will stack the chairs and replace tables.

Close all windows and doors if opened, wiping the window and door handles.

Inform the caretaker of any concerns you may have.

If anyone from your group develops Covid-19 symptoms after leaving the Hall, use your track and trace system and inform the Hall Secretary or Booking Secretary immediately.