Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting

held on Monday 13th May 2019 7.30pm in the Jubilee Centre

PRESENT: Andrew Bartram, Richard Draycott, Eric Benton (Vice Chair), Nigel Jacobs (Chair), Borough Councillor Graeme Coombes, Lizzie Barnicoat (Clerk) and five members of the public.


It was proposed by AB that NJ be elected as Chair, seconded by MF, no further nominations received, it was unanimously agreed NJ be Chair.  Declaration of Acceptance Office completed.


There were no apologies for absence received.


The Councillors elected uncontested completed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office form and Register of Interest form.

There were no declarations of interest received for this meeting.


It was unanimously agreed to co-opt Graeme Dinner, Mark Brooks and James Carroll to the Parish Council.  They were provided with a Declaration of Acceptance of Office form to complete and the Clerk to forward Register of Interest form to them.                         Action 5.01: Clerk


It was proposed by NJ that EB be elected as Vice Chair, seconded by MF, no further nominations received, it was unanimously agreed EB be Vice Chair.  

It was agreed to continue with the Parish Council existing Representative Trustees for the Wilstead Endowed Charities and it was unanimously agreed that MF to become a Representative Trustee.

It was unanimously agreed that EB continue as the Parish Council representative on the Jubilee Centre Management Committee.

There was a vacancy for the Village Hall Management Committee Parish Council representative it was noted.               Action 5.02: All


It agreed going forwards that Parish Council meetings to commence at 7pm with the agenda to focus on planning applications received, enabling all Councillors to attend and comment on the planning applications.  The Planning Working Group will continue to review paper copy of all applications and have the opportunity to take these to the application site.

The Clerk to circulate all new planning notifications from the Borough Council when they are received to all Parish Councillors.     Action 5.03: Clerk

The main Parish Council meeting to then start at 7.30pm.

It was agreed to continue with the structure of Working Groups, for the following areas: Play Area, Environment, Finance and General Purposes, Planning (to encompass Neighbourhood Plan), and Village Facilities (to encompass, Allotments, Jubilee Centre, Burial Ground, Grass Cutting).

Councillors were asked to consider which Working Groups they wish to be involved with.                              Action 5.04: All

It was agreed that the Council see how the new format of planning being dealt with at meetings and the reporting and recording of planning decisions in the meeting minutes goes, to then decide if a parish planning table should be discontinued.  This to be a future item.               Action 5.05: Clerk/All

The Clerk to maintain the planning table for the interim period.     

Action 5.06: Clerk

The Clerk to review other models used by Parish Councils and feed back any useful suggestions.                              Action 5.07: Clerk

The Clerk to issue a list of actions promptly following a meeting.

                                        Action 5.08: Clerk

The Clerk to issue a full list of matters arising in advance of a meeting when the meeting paperwork is published and prepare a draft Working Group template for the reports to enable more efficient meetings.

                                        Action 5.09: Clerk

The meeting minutes to be presented in a way to show only the actions, progress since the last meeting and decisions of the meeting.

                                        Action 5.10: Clerk

The Clerk to copy all related Working Group Spokespersons and Chairman into email communications.                         Action 5.11: Clerk


It was unanimously agreed that the April meeting minutes be signed as a true and accurate record by the Chair.     

Action 4.01: Clerk To update the March meeting minutes

This had been completed.                         Action 4.01: Complete

It was noted that the Working Group reports should be read alongside meeting minutes as they will contain more detailed information on items that have been considered and feedback on actions.


Action 6.12: Clerk To purchase a Local Council Administration Book. The book has been purchased. The Clerk to be reimbursed for the purchase cost between meetings on receipt of a copy of the receipt to evidence the purchase of the book.                         Action 6.12: Ongoing

Action 2.01: ClerkTo receive a poster from Greensand Ridge Partnership to enable the Parish Council to circulate the information about the project more widely to the village.      This has been received.     Action 2.01: Complete

Action 2.08: ClerkTo locate the GDPR document for the Parish Council relating to the emergency plan and forward to DL.  A new document has been requested for the new Council to sign.          Action 2.08: Ongoing

Action 3.01: ClerkTo provide information to EB and the Football Club on the range of potential funding opportunities that are available. This had been done.               Action 3.01: Complete

Action 4.02: Clerk To enquire with the Borough Council Emergency Planning Officer to ascertain if anything has been done to look at the electric capacity of Wilstead A full response to the enquiry had been received and circulated to all.Action 4.02: Complete

Action 4.03: Clerk To enquire if the local authority have a policy regarding electric charging points for vehicles A full response to the enquiry from a Planning Policy Officer had been received and circulated to all.  Action 4.03: Complete

Action 4.04: Clerk      To ascertain how much it would cost to replace the handle of the dog bin and or get a bigger capacity dual purpose bin in Hooked Lane Request had been sent.Action 4.04: Ongoing

Action 4.05: Clerk To get a dual purpose litter bin for rubbish and dog waste in Ivy Lane given that the weekly refuse vehicle can access properties at the end of the lane.  The Clerk had sent this request.     Action 4.05: Ongoing

Action 4.06: NJ To edit Parish Council Chair report for publication in the Homewatch. This was done               Action 4.06: Complete

Action 4.07: Clerk To share example of an annual report that a local parish issues annually to all parishioners.  This was done.     Action 4.07: Complete

Action 4.08: Clerk To suggest to the Village Hall Management Committee it would be useful to have a projector facility in the small hall. This was done.

     Action 4.08: Complete

Action 4.09: Clerk To raise with the Borough Council could the local authority be asked to consider one day with a later time slot and/or a Saturday morning for handing in completed nomination papers.  Response received and the timings are statutory so cannot be altered.          Action 4.09: Complete

Action 4.10: Clerk To alert the Borough Council and Wixams Parish Council to the CIL payment error regarding Dane Lane. This had been done.Action 4.10: Complete

Action 4.11: Clerk To publish Bellway's proposed timescales of off site works in the next Homewatch article.   This was included     Action 4.11: Complete

Action 4.12: Clerk To communicate local concerns over the Bellway development and a domestic application with the local authority. This was done and feedback was circulated to all Councillors.  Information was provided to the local authority regarding the domestic application and information was placed in the Homewatch for how residents should report concerns regarding Bellway.Action 4.12: Complete

Action 4.14: Clerk. To make a Ward Fund application for half the cost of the purchase price for the bench to be located at Northwood Lane. Awaiting outcome of election.          Action 4.14: Ongoing

Action 3.03 To feedback the Council's agreement to the local authority regarding the removal of some trees by 49 and 51 Whitworth Way.  This was done.     Action 3.03: Complete


Two representatives were present to discuss proposals for a new housing development of approximately 70 houses at land south of Briar Bank.  They are currently promoting this site and will be making representation at the Local Plan hearings.  A planning application for the site will also be made shortly.  Councillors raised questions and concerns about the highways access, management of open spaces and asked for them to provide access information when they have this.

The Clerk to check the Programme Officer is aware that the Parish Council wish to speak during the Local Plan examination.     Action 5.11: Clerk



The Clerk had continued to circulate the monthly crime statistics.  

Action 10.03: Clerk To ascertain what approaches the Police are taking to control and prevent crime in the parish. The Clerk had sent the request through to PC Jones and is still awaiting feedback. This to be followed up through the police priority meetings GD will continue to attend.     Action 10:03: To be Deleted


Action 1.06: Clerk To make an application for a new bench in 2019/20 financial year through the Ward Fund. Superseded by Action 4.14.          Action 1.06: To be Deleted

Action 2.05: GCTo clarify with the local authority the chain of communications during such an incident and who tells Cadent there is an emergency plan in place in the parish GC had sought feedback from the local authority. The latest update regarding the Emergency Plan feedback from the recent gas outage was that it appears that the local authority did not inform Cadent that there was an emergency plan in place for Wilstead.  This is why DL was not notified and therefore liaison is ongoing with the emergency support organisations to see what feedback there is from their perspective.  GC is awaiting a more substantive response from the Borough Council Officer that is responsible for these matters.  It was noted that the village emergency plan will be updated accordingly on reflection of the event.

Action 2.05: Ongoing

Action 2.07: GC To clarify what is the out of hours number for the community to alert the local authority to such an issue should it arise again. This is ongoing as part of GC's communication.          Action 2.07: Ongoing

The Clerk to arrange a meeting with Dave Bennett the engineer working on the A6 restructuring to enable a range of items to be clarified. (NJ had raised various queries regarding the A6 works with Dave Bennett but had yet to receive a reply)          Action 5.13: Clerk



Action 11.09: PAWG. To understand the level of work required which would then inform the budget for 2019/20 following the recent play area inspection.  The Play Area budget has been set though there is always the possibility of increasing it.Action 11.09: Deleted

Action 4.06 (18): AB To monitor the grass spotted growing through the bonded material surface. This is being monitored. AB reported that the grass is slowly dying back.Action 4.06: Ongoing

Action 4.06B (18) PAWG To loosen the bark at the play area and then if required top up the material once the area has dried up.  This is ongoing and it was noted that this presents no immediate risk.  It was suggested that a useful way to approach the work needed to the bark would be to have a Working Party to help loosen the bark. It was also felt following the recent play area inspection that a potential alternative be looked at as well.  JC confirmed the bark will be rotovated first.     Action 4.06B Ongoing

Action 3.04: PAWG/Clerk. To publish details of a date for a working party to help loosen the bark. Clerk awaiting to receive the date to then circulate through Homewatch.Action 3.04: Ongoing

Action 3.05: AB. To notify Harton Civil Engineering they are to do the extension to the footway This had been done.     Action 3.05: Complete

Action 4.13: AB. To look at the area under the metal climber and to research potential alternative safety surfaces, quotes to be obtained.     Action 4.13: Ongoing

The contractor has visited the site to look at the water logged spinner area. Discussions remain ongoing in order to get the spinner usable again .     Action 5.14: AB

It was agreed for the labour costs for the replacement parts (£502.20) needed for the swings to be authorised, this work would take place shortly.


Action 11.11: Clerk. To ask Borough Officers Daryl Hall/Iain Booth if the Parish Council concrete street lights would be adopted by the local authority. This request had been send to the Officers and a response received. A priority list of Parish Councils is being drawn up by the Borough.

Action 11.11: Complete

A meeting is being set up with James Salmon Borough) to discuss this further.           Action 5.14B NJ/RD

Action 1.10: RD To monitor the bench contractor who has confirmed they will review the benches once the weather has dried out, to ascertain the best material to use. Work on this has commenced.     Action 1.10: Ongoing

The supporting Working Group report was approved for publication.


Action 2.13: EB To resite the bench in the burial ground to Northwood Lane so the plaque could be added This had been done, MB and RD thanked for this. Action 2.13: Complete

Action 2.14: EB To arrange for a new bench then to be purchased. It was agreed the Ward Fund application would be for half the cost of a new bench for the Burial Ground and the full cost of the reinstallation of the bench to be moved This had been done.     Action 2.14: Complete

Action 3.06: EB/Clerk To check the date of the MUGA lighting work so this could be promoted through a future Homewatch. Work has been done, and article included in the May Homewatch          Action 3.06: Complete

The Parish Council agreed permission for a shed at the allotments on 10F1.

The Parish Council agreed to pay the Jubilee Centre hire invoice of £112.50 for a recent memorial held and approved that this could be paid between meetings.

The supporting Working Group report was approved for publication.


Action 10.11A (17) NJ To ascertain whether Persimmon will agree to the staggered release of the Section 106 monies.   Persimmon have verbally agreed. Written confirmation is being sought.     Action 10.11A (17) Ongoing

Action 3.07: Clerk. Torespond to the resident confirming agreement of the removal of the trees in Longmeadow Drive This had been done.Action 3.07: Complete

Action 7.13: Clerk.  To send a letter to the Post Office encouraging them to park their vehicles backed up to the hedge once boundary measures are in place to protect the Village Car Park wall. This was on hold until the measures could be secured.  Action 7.13: On Hold

Action 2.16: Clerk. To source quotations for the works to the Village Car Park. MB asked not to be included.  Once quotes have been sourced for the concrete posts to be permanently fixed to the ground an application to be made to the Community Chest fund.Action 2.16: Ongoing

Action 4.19: Clerk To start work on the NALC new Standing Orders It was agreed to approve the document drafted by EB.      Action 4.19: Complete

Action 4.10: F & GP WG (18)To sign the Jubilee Centre lease given the length of time that has now passed and the lack of response from the solicitors and to be registered with the Land Registry.  No progress. For several months now priority has been given to other PC work.          Action 4.10 :Ongoing

Action 4.13: F & GP WG (18) To follow up the actions from the meeting when Councillors met representatives of the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group on 20th March The actions were followed up but it proved difficult to extract responses from Beds CCG and local practices. A new meeting is being arranged.                     Action 4.13: Deleted

Action 3.08: Clerk. To receive feedback from the meeting with Claire Pick to enable the Parish Council to pursue the transfer of this land off Bedford Road with Bedford Borough.  Awaiting Officer feedback.     Action 3.08: Ongoing

Action 10.09: F & GP WG To sign the woodland transfer documents. The provision of the transfer documents to sign are being held up by other Wixams section 106 matters.                         Action 10.09: Ongoing

Action 10.17: F & GP WG To respond to the external audit report outlining the detailed work done previously on the item raised and to highlight the written approval the Parish Council have from HMRC.  Tit was agreed to include the letter with the submission of the 2018/19 accounts to the external auditor.     Action 10.17: Ongoing

Action 10.18: All To sign into the newly created council email addresses. The Clerk has access to the new email address.           Action 10.18: Complete

Action 2.02: Clerk To ascertain what stage the local authority need to give their permission for the use of highways land potentially to site a pole where the CCTV may be mounted The Clerk had received detailed feedback and circulated this.               Action 2.02: Complete

Action 3.09: Clerk / NJ. To seek clarity on how long the A6 diversion route will be in place and what the expected timescale of the works are so this information could be detailed in the next Homewatch.  This had been done. Query also raised  regarding the average speed cameras given the length the roadworks are expected to take.  The information about the A6 works had been published in the Homewatch and the engineer communications were circulated to all.          Action 3.09: Complete

The Council reviewed the insurance quotations and level of cover, agreeing to take a three year long term insurance with Inspire.     Action 5.16: Clerk

The supporting Working Group report was approved for publication.


Action 3.10: Clerk. To placed updated construction management plan timings in the Homewatch. This had been done.               Action 3.10: Complete

Action 2.21: Clerk To check the original and most recent planning applications concerning a site in Cotton End Road This matter had been dealt with and the Borough Council have provided satisfactory feedback.          Action 2.21: Complete

Action 2.22: LH/Clerk. To respond to the recent Tree Preservation Order application. The Clerk had checked that the comments clearly stated the need for other nearby vegetation to be cleared up.          Action 2.22: Complete


No items.

12.   FINANCE:

(i)Payment of accounts:

Payments made out of meeting PlusNet Telephone and broadband £

The Council resolved to pay the above cheques at the meeting, MB took not part in the discussion.

(ii) Update on internal audit

Action 4.14: Clerk To send the document to the internal auditor.  This is taking place.     Action 4.14: Ongoing

(iii) Financial spreadsheet 2019/20

This will be collated and available shortly.          Action 5.18: Clerk

(iii) Error from Bedford Borough Council overpayment of precept

It was agreed that the Parish Council retain the monies until written confirmation has been received on how the expenses this will now incur will be reimbursed to the Parish Council by the Borough Council.  GC to raise.          Action 5.19: GC

To be raised by a Parish Councillor at the next Town and Parish Network Meeting.          Action 5.20: All


The correspondence list had been circulated.

The Clerk to recirculate the BATPC training details to all. Action 5.21: Clerk

It was agreed to approve a Salvation Army clothing bank at the layby in Bedford Road.     Action 5.22: Clerk

A reminder to be placed in the Homewatch about appropriate use of the parish noticeboard.     Action                5.23: Clerk

A request to be sent to enforcement to regularly visit Wilstead and review parking, at school start and finish times, by the school, including Dines Close.                         Action 5.24: Clerk


Matters as arisen.


The Chair closed the meeting at 10.30pm.