In 1998 a group of Wilstead allotment holders met to discuss how to protect their allotment site from any proposals to use the allotment gardens for “development”. 

Mr John Farmer, National president of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (later European president of the society), came by bus from his home in Flitwick to offer guidance.

A model constitution was offered, the name “Wilshamstead Allotment Society” was adopted, and a provisional committee was elected. John Farmer was given a lift home.

Membership -: For plotholders on the Wilstead site near the Jubilee playing field.

Subscription :- £5 from October 2014, inclusive of £2.50 for National Society

    *       To protect the allotment site. 
    *       To encourage allotment gardening and the allotment movement. 
    *       To improve the site for present and future tenants.
Meetings -: A.G.M in September/October

                 Committee meetings and special meetings as required.

Benefits -:     Seed scheme with Kings seeds. 

                    Insurance scheme available through N.S.A.L.G. 

                    Co-operation with the Parish Council to effect improvements.

Activities -: Members have -: Cleared rubbish, improved and maintained paths, repaired main gate/notice board and treated spare plots to assist new tenants and extended the water supply.

Want a plot? -: Exercise, saving on food bills, fresh air, fresh produce and friendship. 

Different sized plots available, some at half rent for one year depending on condition. 

Advice available from the Allotment Society.

Next step -:

Apply to Parish Clerk,

Mrs Lizzie Barnicoat, Tel-: 01234 743152

Chairman:    TBA

Secretary:    Mandy Baxter, 51 Armstrong Close, Wilstead, tel 01234 742699


Treasurer:    Deryk Ville, 10 Luton Road, Wilstead, tel 01234 816765


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