Footpath Reports

Prepared for the Wilstead P3 Meeting

(cancelled because of gas outage)

planned to be held on

19th January 2019

in Wilstead Village Hall

Footpath Reports

FP1 / Eascotts FP10 (FM).

FP3. (JS) (17/1/19) Path east of A6 ok. As usual crossing A6bnot easy because of volume of traffic. Crossfield path field got cereal crop growing. Rest of path west of A6 ok .

FP4 (JM).

FP5A/B (LR-IL) & FP18. (A&DF) (18/1/19). FP5. Path to junction with FP18 might need attention in Spring (overgrowth)**. Path through Dragons Wood also might need attention soon (undergrowth and overgrowth)**. Rest of path good.

FP18. Puddle across path halfway along. Rest ok.

FP5C/D (IL-EL) (CC) (17/1/19). Blackthorn growing bigger between path and field**. Small sleeper bridge slippy** and handrail wobbly. Loose V strut and wobbly handrail on big bridge. Steps loose and wobbly. Blackthorn between path and field in first field east of bridge**. Way mark post very loose at ACI**. Large hole in path towards Stables**. Extra plastic strips added to kissing gates otherwise gates don’t kiss. Covered electric fence over path a foot off the ground. Does this need warning of trip hazard ? ask RoW. Action NJ

Split cap on finger post at Elms Lane **.

FP6 (D Mos). Path ok.

FP7 (VS). (10/1/19) Finger on post at Ivy Lane not tampered proof. Large tree across path to prevent illegal quad bikes. Walkers can get through. Crossfield path on level not marked out. Crossfield path across slope marked out. Can’t see way mark post at Bristol Gate from Haynes direction. Trim hedge**.

FP8 (NJ).(17/1/19) Bit of overgrowth near Cotton End Rd**. Path from Cotton End Rd will need a mow in Spring.** Propose old post with discs on removed.** Rope / electric hook up needs two hands and a fair amount of effort to disengaged / engage. Path parallel to Cotton End Rd best it has been for years thanks to SVC. Sleeper bridge slippery and some overgrowth on bridge and stile**. Permissive path discs still in place (see FP8 later on in notes.) Path near menage muddy in places. Last paddock very muddy near gate. Amend survey form now path no longer permissive**. Could do with more MoT on culvert to remove trip hazard**. Ask RoW Action NJ

FP 9/10. (D Mof) (?/1/19) FP9. Need to cut back undergrowth by way mark post at junction with FP8**. Rest of path good. (Way mark post not visible from Cotton End Rd even when you know it is there. Add yellow top and plates**.-NJ)

FP10. Good

BW11/15. (RT). (1/1/19). BW15 Clear around way mark post at junction with BW11**. Rest of BW15 ok.

BW11. Path ok.

FP12. (MH,)

FP13 (GO) (7/1/19) Crack in stone culvert wall. Some faded discs and plates**.

BW14. (J&PT) (?). No problems with path. Suggest putting disc on new post near cattle grid**.

BW16. (NT) (12/1/19). Path fine. Some faded way mark discs at Northwood End Farm. Bridleway gates left open or don’t latch along BW16.

FP17 (CC/SA) (17/1/1915/11/18). Cracked wmp**. Path from permissive path to BW16 muddy, rutted and puddled.

** Jobs that the Group could tackle.

New Paths to be issued to be issued to group members. Action NJ

Please report at next meeting on 16th March or send in reports beforehand if can’t make meeting.

If possible please use form and write on form date when path surveyed or include this in any verbal report.

Reminder. Please can paths be walked in both directions when checking or if not please walk paths in different directions each check.

Footpath 8.

The diversion of Footpath 8 through The Stables is now official. It now takes the line of the previous Permissive Path with slight tweets either end of this. Bedford RoW are happy that we take down the Permissive Path way mark discs and replace them with Footpath way mark discs.

Working on Paths.

The way mark posts on footpath 12 have been made more visible. Yellow tops and plates have been added and vegetation cleared around the posts. Also overgrowth on the bridge on the Parish Boundary has been cut back.

Footpath 5.

Borough Rights of Way are still committed to replace the big bridge on Footpath 5 with a culvert this financial year though they are having problems contacting the farmer to arrange access.

I have said the P3 group could replace the nearby small sleeper bridge with a culvert if the materials are delivered to site.


The 3rd February walk will be around Pulloxhill, Greenfield, Flitwick Moor and Flitton. This date was changed to allow people to participate in the tree planting at Duck End on 10th Feb.



NJ  29/1/19