Minutes of the Wilstead P3 Meeting held on

13th January 2018

in Wilstead Village Hall

Present.  R Terry,  J Jacobs, J Skinner, V Scargill, M Haines, N Tomkins, D Moffatt, C Close, D Fosbrook, D Moses, J Moses, D Wheaton, A Fosbrook, M Haines, N Jacobs.

Apologies. 1 apology

Footpath Reports

FP1 / Eascotts FP10 (MH). (?) FP1. Path good..

FP10. Flooded corner towards Wilstead end. Otherwise path and furniture good. A600 hedge cut back giving better visibility.

FP3. (JM)  () No report.

FP4 (J&PT). () No report.

FP5A/B (LR-IL) & FP18. (SA/CC) (10/1/18). FP5. Ivy ladened tree at end of Dragons Wood leaning over path. Propose cut back**. Area near culvert squelchy but culvert dry. Rest of path good.

FP18. Path fine.

FP5C/D (IL-EL) (D Mof).( ?) Way mark post by kissing gate at Ivy Lane loose.** Path good to bridges. Propose add yellow plate to post near small bridge (acl)**. Handrail wobbly on big bridge. Steps slippy. Wmp loose (aci) Lake in corner of field near Stables. Rest of path good. Split cap on finger post at Manor Farm**.

FP6 (DW)  (?) Path bit muddy Cotton End Rd end but rest of path good.

FP7 (CC). (10/1/18) Muddy gap at side of gate at Ivy Lane as people are going round rather than through gate. Path to wood good. Gap left in spoil from ditch clearance to access cross field path which was good. Unofficial path round outside of field rutted and muddy after ditch clearance. Cross field path up hill muddy but clear to see. Path over top of hill fine. Bristol Gate still bent but pedestrian gate ok. Electric fence still lying on ground. Standing water near junction with FP17.

FP8 (NT).(7/1/18) Some discs faded**. Path good. Sleeper bridge slippery because of moss.** Last paddock very muddy around gate. Add MoT to culvert top to remove trip hazard**. Need to request MoT from RoW. Action NJ

FP 9/10. (VS) (NJ) (11/1/18) FP9. Path from Cotton End Rd wet in places especially near the wmp in corner of field. Wmp needs a clean. Rest of path ok though squelchy in places. Discs at junc with FP5 need a clean.

FP10.  Propose clear and level steps**. Path good..

BW11/15. (A&DF) (12/1/18) BW11. Path good. Add new and replace faded discs on wmps**.

BW15. Path fine. Finger post at Hooked Lane to be made more visible by cutting back vegetation**. Hedge overgrowth starting to reduce width of bridleway at beginning of path. Replace faded disc at junc with FP12. Path ok but a bit muddy in places. Wmp at junc with BW11 needs a clean**.  

FP12. (RT) (1/1/18) Path very wet in places to junc with FP13 but walkable.  Crossfield path good. From Crossfield to parish boundary good. Bridge doesn’t now rock. Could be the effect of wet weather. Need to check with RoW.Action NJ

Elstow FP7. Path ok. Crossfield path marked out.

FP13 (NJ) (). No report.

BW14. (A&DF) (12/1/18). No problems with path. Clean one wmp**. Propose to move / add discs so they are on gate side of cattle grid** .

BW16. (D Mos) (5/1/18). Path fine. One bridleway gate at abh is still on ground along with post with way mark disc on. This doesn’t obstruct the path..

FP17 (JS) (11/1/18). Path ok though wet and muddy in places. Some standing water. Finger post now visible from BW16 as hedge has been cut.

** Jobs that the Group could tackle.

New paths to be issued soon.

Please report at next meeting on 17th March or send in reports beforehand if can’t make meeting.

If possible please use form and write on form date when path surveyed or include this in any verbal report.

Reminder. Please can paths be walked in both directions when checking or if not please walk paths in different directions each check.

Big Bridge on Footpath 5.

RoW have inspected the bridge. Haven’t heard what they intend to do about it.

Footpath 8 Diversion.

The Path Diversion Order was put out for public consultation.  No feedback as yet.

Working Parties.

None since 6th November.

Rights of Way Improvement Plan 3 (2018-2023).

The draft plan is out for consultation and a link was sent to the group members.

As well as looking at improving the RoW it looks at ways of improving access, usage and information on paths.


The December walk around Willington was postponed because of the snow causing traffic problems though some of the group had a wander along the snow covered paths around the village.

The New Year’s Day walk saw 24 people wander to Elstow and back. The walk was slightly curtailed by the hail and sleet. Thanks to Jean for the mince pies and mulled wine.

It was suggested that there should be a contribution box in future .


JS and CC to be sent 2018 Group calendar showing meeting and walk dates.  Action NJ

NJ  15th January 2018