Minutes of Wilstead P3 Meeting

held on 16th March 2019

in Wilstead Village Hall

Present. C Close, R Terry, J Millar, M Haines, J Skinner, D Moffatt, D Moses, J Moses, A Fosbook, D Fosbrook, J Jacobs, J Tanswell, P Tanswell, N Jacobs

Apologies. S Adnitt, N Tomkins, G Odell

Footpath Reports

FP1 / Eascotts FP10 (A&DF) (17/3/19). All good to Parish boundary. Handrail broken on bridge at acg**. Bridge also slippery. Some overgrowth on bridge in hedge at ace** wmp at ace loose.**

FP3. (FM) path ok. Still difficult to see where path goes across first field in Houghton Conquest. Central Beds having problems contacting landowners registered in Guernsey.

FP4 (CC) (11/3/19). Dog bin in Vicarage Lane leaning. Advise Borough/Parish Council. Action NJ

Path to and across A6 ok. Waymark discs faded on barn corner (aed)**. Still hole in sleeper bridge on boundary. Report this to Borough. Action NJ

FP5A/B (LR-IL) & FP18. (VS) (14/3/19). FP5. Path good. Put way mark disc on barrier at junction with FP18**.

FP18. Path good.

FP5C/D (IL-EL) (GO) (16/2/19). Resident requested dog poo bin at top of Ivy Lane. This has been turned down by Borough in past as nowhere to turn vehicle round but will request again. Action NJ

Handrail wobbly on small sleeper bridge**. Big bridge slippery and one step needs fixing. (See FP5 section later in minutes). Way mark post at aci very loose**.Path muddy near Stables. Some discs faded at junction with FP9**. Cap on finger post at Elms Lane split**.

FP6 (JM). (16/3/19). Fence post next to kissing gate loose and attached to kissing gate by barbed wire**. Gap well drained where MoT was added. Rest of path ok.

FP7 (D Mos). (5/3/19) One finger on post at Ivy Lane loose**. Large tree across path to prevent illegal quad bikes. Walkers can get through. Crossfield path on level not marked out. Crossfield path across slope well marked out. Trim hedge near Bristol gate**. Electric fence only partially up, rest on ground.

FP8 (DMof).(?/3/19) Path to Stables good. Sleeper bridge mossy**. One stile step ok but not good. Permissive path discs to be replaced by Footpath discs as path now ‘modified’ along line of permissive path**. Stables have requested a way mark post be put up by menage** To be discussed with Stables owner Action NJ.

Very muddy by gate in last paddock. Hedge in ‘Good Life’ field could do with a trim**.

Could do with more MoT on culvert to remove trip hazard**. Ask RoW Action NJ

FP 9/10. (RT) (15/3/19) FP9. Path ok.  FP10. Good. Some overgrowth (brambles) need clearing**.

BW11/15. (NT). (9/3/19). BW15 Path ok. Couple of yellow topped way mark posts faded.

BW11. Path ok.Way mark post at junction with BW14 faded but secure.

FP12. (NJ,) (12/3/19) Surface damage by vehicles. Standing water in ruts / tracks in first two fields. Cut back hedge to give better visibility of wmp a aag**. Crossfield path well marked out though hoof prints in path. Whole bridge on parish boundary rocks. Handrail wobbles as does wmp as it is attached to handrail. Inform RoW Action NJ

(Elstow FP7) First 80 metres ok but next 60 metres overgrown / blocked. Have to walk in wheat field. Inform RoW  Action NJ.  Crossfield path to Medbury Farm faintly marked out

FP13 (CC) (14/3/19)  Path ok. Puddles in dips in track near FP12. Put yellow top on wmp on bend to improve visibility**.

BW14. (MH) (?). No problems with path. Replace wm disc at aan.**Suggest putting disc on new post near cattle grid**.

BW16. (JS) (11/3/19). At Northwood Farm new electronic gate installed but no signage to indicate access to BW16 or FP17. Ask CBC what could be done Action NJ. Similarly no sign on Elms Lane gate to indicate access to BW16

Path good.

FP17 (J&PT) (16/2/19). Cracked wmp at junction with FP7**. Path from permissive path to BW16 very churned up by vehicles and standing water. No easy part of track to walk on. In early / mid March this has improved a bit and walking along is now possible though not easy.

** Jobs that the Group could tackle.

New Paths to be issued to be issued to group members. Action NJ

Please report at next meeting on 16th March or send in reports beforehand if can’t make meeting.

If possible please use form and write on form date when path surveyed or include this in any verbal report.

Reminder. Please can paths be walked in both directions when checking or if not please walk paths in different directions each check.

Working on Paths.

The group have been given a push along strimmer. MH offered to inspect it and repair it where necessary. Demonstrations to be arrange once this is done. Action NJ

Footpath 5.

Borough Rights of Way have replaced the big bridge with a culvert. Installer said he would source and deliver to site material needed for replacing the adjacent smaller sleeper bridge with a culvert which the Group will then install. Need to ascertain when material will be delivered and arrange working party. Action NJ


The March walk was around Shillington and the April walk will probably be around Barton.

East West Rail.

NJ informed the group that three of the five route corridor options go across the north of the Parish and would probably affect BW14 and / or Elstow FP7. It is difficult to see how the railway would cross the John Bunyan Trail given the flat topography. The Borough preference is for one of the other two options which both come into Bedford from the north.



NJ  28/3/19